60m net

Georgia AUXCOMM has been conducting a monthly net on 60m Channel 5 on the second Sunday of each month at 1600 local (previously 1400, changed to 1600 on 6/12/22).. Recognizing the growing importance of 60m as an interoperability band, we’ve been practicing our own skills and testing our gear to ensure we can effectively communicate on 60m. We’d like to invite each of you to participate in the net. Please ensure that you have the proper radio licensure to participate. Amateur radio operators that are General class or higher are authorized to use the band. Please note that amateur radio is a secondary service on the band and must not interfere with other services such as government agencies. The video below gives you a feel for what our 60m nets are like from a field operators perspective.

Our net takes check-ins via 60m Channel 5 Phone (5.403.5 MHz, USB) and Winlink to the tactical address GAAUXC. Most of our operators check-in using both SSB and Winlink. Winlink check-ins should use the Winlink Net Check-in form (if your Winlink client has that option) and include your location, power level, and equipment used. The net starts with a preamble, roll call of AUXC leaders, and then open check-ins. If Channel 5 is not available, the backup is 60m Channel 4.

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